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Nursing care plan Psychosocial aspects of Care

PSYCHOSOCIAL ASPECTS OF CARE I. Mind-Body-Spirit Connection a. When a physiological response occurs, there is a corresponding psychological response (Anandarajah & Hight, 2001). i. Emotional instability associated with steroid therapy or Cushing’s syndrome ii. Irritability of hypoglycemia iii. Anxiety associated … Continue reading

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Nursing care plan total joint replacement

I. Purpose a. Definitive treatment for advanced, irreversibly damaged joints with loss of function and unremitting pain b. Commom conditions: degenerative and rheumatoid arthritis (RA); selected fractures, such as with hip and femoral neck; joint instability; congenital hip disorders; avascular … Continue reading

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Nursing care plan amputation

I. Pathophysiology—Partial or complete detachment of body part with residual extremity covered with well-vascularized muscle and skin, although reattachment surgery may be possible for fingers, hands, and arms a. Primarily two types of amputations i. Open or provisional: requires subsequent … Continue reading

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Nursing care plan fractures

I. Pathophysiology a. Discontinuity or break in a bone b. May be associated with serious injury to nerves, blood vessels, muscles, and/or organs c. More than 150 fracture classifications with five major types: incomplete, complete, closed, open, and pathologic II. … Continue reading

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Nursing care plan mastectomy

I. Purpose a. Removal of breast tissue due to presence of malignant or cancerous tumor changes b. Surgical procedures: dependent on tumor type, size, and location as well as clinical characteristics or staging i. Breast-conserving therapy ii. Lumpectomy iii. Partial … Continue reading

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Nursing care plan hysterectomy

I. Indications—surgical removal of the uterus a. Malignancies: 11% of hysterectomies b. Nonmalignant conditions, such as endometriosis, fibroid tumors; pelvic relaxation with uterine prolapse that leads to disabling levels of pain, discomfort, uterine bleeding, emotional stress c. Life-threatening bleeding or … Continue reading

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Nursing care plan adult leukemias

I. Pathophysiology: malignant disorder of the blood and bone marrow characterized by the uncontrolled accumulation of white blood cells (WBCs) a. Blood cells originate primarily in the marrow of bones, such as the sternum, iliac crest, and cranium, and begin … Continue reading

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Nursing care plan dysrhytmias

I. Pathophysiology a. Abnormal formation or conduction of the electrical impulses within the heart i. Bradyarrhythmias: decreased intrinsic pacemaker function or block in conduction, often at atrioventricular (AV) junction or His-Purkinje system ii. Tachyarrhythmias: caused by reentry, often due to … Continue reading

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