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Written by ncp nursing care plan on April 2nd, 2012
DEEP VEIN THROMBOSIS (INCLUDING PULMONARY EMBOLI CONSIDERATIONS) I. Pathophysiology: Related to three factors known as the Virchow triad—stasis of blood flow, vessel wall injury, and alterations in the clotting mechanism. a. Mechanical (e.g., trauma, surgery) or physiological (e.g., hypertension, phlebitis) damage to the vessel wall leads to platelet activation, with platelets adhering to one another and clumping ...
Written by ncp nursing care plan on April 30th, 2011
Deep Vein Thrombosis Venous thrombosis occurs when a thrombus forms in a superficial or deep vein. This condition is often called thrombophlebitis because of the associated inflammation in the involved vessel wall. The predisposing factors for venous thrombus formation are venous stasis, damage to the endothelium of the vein wall, and/or ...

Source Credits: Nursing Care Planning Guides: For Adults in Acute, Extended and Home Care Settings by S. P. Ulrich and S. W. Canale BSN MSN / Nursing Care Plans by M. Doenges MF Moorehouse Alice Murr