Nursing diagnosis T

Therapeutic regimen management, family: HIV-positive client and,
Tissue integrity, impaired: cancer and, risk for, 1; cholecystectomy and, ; fecal diversions: postoperative care of ileostomy and colostomy and,
(risk for, ); fractures and, risk for, 1; hepatitis and, risk for, ; hyperthyroidism (Graves’ disease, thyrotoxicosis) and, risk for, ; mastectomy
and, ; radical neck surgery: laryngectomy (postoperative care) and, 1; spinal cord injury (acute rehabilitative phase) and, risk for, ; surgical intervention
Trauma, risk for: dementia of the Alzheimer’s type/vascular dementia and, ; disc surgery (spinal) and, ; fractures and, ; peritoneal dialysis and,
; pneumothorax/hemothorax and, 1; seizure disorders and, 1; spinal cord injury (acute rehabilitative phase) and,

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