Nursing diagnosis I

Infection, risk for: adult leukemias and, ; anemias (iron deficiency, anemia of chronic disease, pernicious, aplastic, hemolytic) and, ; appendectomy
and, ; craniocerebral trauma (acute rehabilitative phase) and, ; diabetes mellitus/diabetic ketoacidosis and, ; hepatitis and, ; obesity: bariatric
surgery and, ; pancreatitis and, ; peritoneal dialysis and, ; peritonitis and, ; pneumonia and, ; pulmonary tuberculosis and, ; renal failure:
acute and, ; sickle cell crisis and, ; total nutritional support: parenteral/enteral feeding and, ; ventilatory assistance (mechanical) and,
Injury, risk for: alcohol: acute withdrawal and, ; dementia of the Alzheimer’s type/vascular dementia and, ; disaster considerations and, risk for, ;
hemodialysis and, ; pediatric considerations and, ; surgical intervention and, ; thryoidectomy and, ; total nutritional support:
parenteral/enteral feeding and,
Injury, risk for perioperative positioning: surgical intervention and,

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