Nursing diagnosis G

Gas exchange, impaired: AIDS and, risk for, ; COPD and asthma and, ; fractures and, risk for, ; heart failure: chronic and, risk for, ; lung cancer
(postoperative care) and, ; lymphomas and, risk for, ; pancreatitis and, ; pneumonia and, ; pulmonary tuberculosis and, risk for, ;
respiratory acidosis (primary carbonic acid excess) and, ; respiratory alkalosis (primary carbonic acid deficit) and, ; sepsis/septicemia and, risk for,
; sickle cell crisis and, ; thrombophlebitis: deep vein thrombosis and,
Glucose level, risk for unstable blood: diabetes mellitus/diabetic ketoacidosis and, ; pancreatitis and,
Grieving: cancer and, ; dementia of the Alzheimer’s type/vascular dementia and, ; end-of-life care/hospice and, ; extended care and, ;
hysterectomy and, risk for, ; psychosocial aspects of care and, ; spinal cord injury (acute rehabilitative phase) and,
Growth and development, delayed: pediatric considerations and, risk for,

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