Nursing Care Plan ncp cva cerebrovascular accident

Cerebrovascular Accident NCP NURSING CARE PLAN

1. Ineffective tissue perfusion: cerebral
2. Impaired swallowing
3. Disturbed sensory perception
1. visual
2. kinesthetic
4. Unilateral neglect
5. Impaired verbal communication
6. Impaired physical mobility
7. Self-care deficit
8. Impaired urinary elimination: incontinence
9. Disturbed thought processes
10. Risk for injury: falls, burns, and lacerations
11. Risk for aspiration
12. Potential complications
1. increased intracranial pressure
2. corneal irritation and abrasion
3. subluxation of shoulder
13. Disturbed self-concept
14. Ineffective coping
15. Interrupted family processes
16. Deficient knowledge, Ineffective therapeutic regimen management, or Ineffective health maintenance

1. Additional Diagnoses Imbalanced nutrition: less than body requirements
2. Risk for constipation
3. Sexual dysfunction
4. Fear/Anxiety
5. Grieving

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