Nursing Care Plan ncp bowel diversion ileostomy

Bowel Diversion: Ileostomy


  1. Fear/Anxiety
  2. Deficient knowledge

  1. Risk for imbalanced fluid and electrolytes
    1. deficient fluid volume
    2. hypokalemia, hypomagnesemia, and hypochloremia
    3. metabolic alkalosis
    4. metabolic acidosis
  2. Imbalanced nutrition: less than body requirements
  3. Actual/Risk for impaired tissue integrity
  4. Potential complications
    1. peritonitis
    2. stomal changes
      1. necrosis
      2. excessive bleeding
      3. prolapse
    3. stomal obstruction
  5. Ineffective sexuality patterns
  6. Disturbed self-concept
  7. Deficient knowledge, Ineffective therapeutic regimen management, or Ineffective health maintenance
    Additional Diagnoses

  1. Ineffective coping
  2. Grieving
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